What Are Scratch and Dent Appliances?

By Appliance Whole..., 10/28/2021 - 12:24

What Are Scratch and Dent Appliances?

It's always inconvenient when an appliance goes out, and it gets even worse when you start shopping for a replacement.

Appliances are expensive, and as much as we need them, they can be downright difficult to afford sometimes. And the last thing you want to do is settle for something cheap that fits your budget but not your needs.

If you're stuck trying to find a compromise between quality and cost, scratch and dent appliances are the way out. This article will cover everything you need to know about scratch and dent models so you can get the best value out of your next purchase.

What Are Scratch and Dent Appliances?

Scratch and dent appliances are items that get damaged during production, shipment, or storage. For example, an item that got hit while being unloaded at a warehouse dock or fell over on the truck from the manufacturer would become a scratch and dent item.

Retailers offer scratch and dent appliances, furniture, and electronics to ensure they don't sell damaged products at new-in-box prices. They want to limit customer returns as much as possible, which can be expensive to manage.

If an appliance has some damage, even a minor scratch or dent, it's pulled from the new-in-box inventory and put in the scratch and dent lineup. Damage can be minor or extensive, but as long as the appliance works, it can be sold as scratch and dent.

Sometimes, the appliances aren't damaged, but the box was crushed or ripped. To save themselves from customer issues, the retailer will usually unbox the appliance and sell it as scratch and dent simply because it had to come out of the packaging.

The Key to Scratch and Dent

The main point to remember about a scratch and dent item, whether it's an appliance or any other item, is that no customer has bought it. Even if a refrigerator is delivered to a home and the customer notices a dent during setup, they can refuse it. Since it's never installed or received, it can go back to the store and get sold as a scratch and dent appliance at a discount.

Because it has never been sold, there are several benefits of buying a scratch and dent appliance.

Scratch and Dent Benefits

The essential benefit of buying a scratch and dent appliance is the price. If you're looking for ways to nab a steep discount, scratch and dent can save you anywhere from 10% to over 50% on a brand new appliance. With those kinds of savings, you can get upgraded units with even better features for less than you were expecting to pay!

When you see scratch and dent discounts, you'll likely wonder what you're giving up to get such a good deal. As it turns out, you're not giving up much.

Outside of the damage, which you'll be able to see before buying, a scratch and dent appliance has all of the same benefits as a new-in-box unit.

Since they were never sold or registered under a different customer, they usually keep their original manufacturer's warranty. And if you want added assurance, you can still buy a protection plan from the seller to cover any defects or breakdowns after the original warranty ends.

Scratch and Dent Vs. Used Appliances

The downside to scratch and dent, other than the damage, is that you usually have to transport and install the appliance yourself. In many ways, it can feel like you're buying a used appliance, but there are notable differences between the two.

Plain and simple, used appliances are a risky purchase. You'll often see them sold by individuals in online marketplaces, and there aren't many promises about their performance.

Unlike a scratch and dent appliance sold through a reputable dealer, a used appliance doesn't have warranties on it, even if it's under a year old. You may be able to take over a protection plan that still has time on it, but it's critical to get that information before offering a price.

In any case, a used appliance means that it's gone through the motions, and you never know what issues you might encounter. If you buy a used refrigerator, for example, the seller could clean it before selling to hide a mold problem that will pop up while you're using it.

Before shopping for used appliances, always check your local scratch and dent appliance store. You'll get great pricing and more peace of mind that you're getting the quality that the appliances are meant to offer.

Buying Scratch and Dent

Scratch and dent discounts on appliances will vary depending on the amount of damage, how long they've gone unsold, and where they're being sold. Appliance retailers often have a scratch and dent section, but specialty sellers like clearinghouses and outlets will generally have better prices and selection.

Before shopping for scratch and dent appliances, make sure you know what features you need and want. It can be easy to get drawn in by prices, but if the appliance doesn't fit your family, it's a poor investment every time.

Once you've found the appliance you like, make sure you price check it against sellers in your area. Check any other outlet sellers and any sales on new units to make sure you're getting the best value.

Be aware that scratch and dent units from other sellers may need additional research. They may have lower prices because there is more damage to the products.

Along with the price, you need to check the damage and make sure that it's worth it to you. The appliance will need a thorough inspection inside and out, and you need to note any damage that the seller may have missed.

Finally, make sure you have plans for transporting and installing the item as well as following up with the seller if there are any defects. Ask them how they handle returns and exchanges if it's installed and doesn't work as it should.

Get Amazing Deals with Scratch and Dent Units

The scratch and dent section is the perfect place to find the diamond in the rough, the incredible deal you've been waiting for on the appliance of your dreams. When you take time to research and appreciate all of the value scratch and dent appliances have to offer, you'll ensure your next purchase is a satisfying experience.

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