Whirlpool Built-in Dishwasher - White


Sani Rinse option

Sanitizes your dishes. The Sani Rinse setting eliminates 99.999% of food soil bacteria.

The Sani Rinse / Sani Clean option sanitizes dishes and glassware in accordance with NSF International NSF/ANSI Standard 184 for Residential Dishwashers. Although certified, residential dishwashers are not intended for licensed food establishments. The sanitize setting on this dishwasher raises the main wash cycle temperature beyond typical home tap water temperatures to 135°F (57°C) and the final rinse cycle temperature is raised even more to 156°F (69°C). To add assurances to the success of the sanitize mode on this dishwasher, an indicator light displays at the end of the cycle when the dishes are completely clean and sanitized.

One Hour Wash cycle

Save time  washing your dishes. This quiet dishwasher cleans dishes fast with a cycle that takes only 1 hour yet thoroughly cleans plates, cookware and drink ware.

This is an Energy Star dishwasher

Open Box & Scratch and Dent Options Available

The Whirlpool MSRP for this model is $479

* Sale Prices includes “C” Grade Models.  Price is dependent on Appliance Grade.

In Energy Savings mode, this dishwasher cleans by spraying the dishes with water and periodically pauses to allow the dish soap to penetrate stuck on food remnants and release the soils from the dishes. While the 1-hour cycle effectively cleans dishes, it is less efficient. The energy efficient dishwasher cycles are longer due to the fact that the dishwasher allows the detergent and the water to work rather than relying on high pressure spray alone and the pauses of the spray jets allow for soaking to accomplish exceptional cleaning. Several Whirlpool dishwasher models include technology, such as optical water sensors. These optical water sensors are used by the dishwashers systems to determine the most efficient and effective water and energy usage levels in order to attain great cleaning performance. Similar to how motorists can save money hand have higher fuel efficiency by reducing their speeds, high efficiency dishwashers slow the speed of washing dishes and run longer cycles in order to conserve water and energy. The very first time you run  the efficiency cycle, the dishwasher may run longer in order to calibrate the optical water sensor.

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