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New, Refurbished, Scratch and Dent, and Used Appliances

New, Refurbished, Scratch and Dent, and Used Appliances

We carry St. Louis' largest selection of high-end new, refurbished, scratch and dent and used appliances. Many of these are brand new appliances with slight damage, the scratch or dent in most of our appliance is hardly noticeable and often not on the front or main surface. Much of our huge inventory is brand new and these items were dinged in shipping or delivery. Some of our models are the in-store display model. We also carry used appliances and refurbished or remanufactured appliances.

Stainless Steel Refrigerators

We are overstocked with stainless steel refrigerators. These are top of the line appliances from Samsung,  GE, Kenmore and others. Upgrade your kitchen with beautiful stainless steel refrigerators at a fraction of the cost. At our prices you can afford both a beautiful refrigerator and a refrigerator that is best in class.

Our Low Refrigerator Prices

Buying your refrigerator at St. Louis Appliance Outlet will save you hundreds. Why buy a cheap refrigerator at full retail price when you can buy a best-in-class refrigerator at outlet prices? Browse our inventory and you will see the "Suggested Retail Price" that you would pay elsewhere and our "Average Price" which is the average price of that refrigerator model at St. Louis Appliance Outlet. We list an average price because the prices vary based on a few factors such as whether the appliance is new, used, scratch and dent, returned, or remanufactured.