Warranty And Returns

Appliance Wholesalers Warranty

6 Month Warranty on all Appliance Sales to begin from Date of Purchase as listed on Invoice.
We will fix or replace appliance based on Limited Warranty below.


Limited Warranty:
Each appliance is sold AS-IS* and carries a limited fix or replacement warranty from Appliance Wholesalers commencing from the date of the purchase invoice.  Appliance Wholesalers will repair the appliance, if deemed viable, through a 3rd party technician, or will offer an exchange of the same value within 6 months of the invoice date if the appliance fails mechanically.  Customer must provide proof of purchase for warranty to be valid.  If customer requests service and the problem is something that was caused by the customer (such as clogged drain, improperly installed hoses or equipment, unleveled appliance, blown circuit breaker, etc.) then customer will be responsible for the cost of the service call. 

Should Appliance Wholesalers need to make repairs through a 3rd party service technician, a service call will be scheduled within five (5) business days of reported mechanical problem.  Repairs will be completed within seven (7) business days from receipt of parts needed being ordered/received. 

*AS-IS appliances are sold as they appear upon purchase, and may include cosmetic imperfections, including scratches, dents, missing shelves, scratched handles, etc.  This is why we are able to offer significant savings over retail.  As a customer of a “scratch and dent” retailer, you are responsible for “inspecting” the appearance of your appliance and in purchasing are agreeing to appearance.  It is also possible that in varied settings (i.e., the home) or in varied lighting (i.e. direct sunlight) some defects may be more visible.  Refrigerator limited warranty covers cooling system only.  Ice makers, water dispensers, and self-cleaning modes are tested prior to retail sale, but are not guaranteed under the limited warranty.

Pick Up: If you take your appliance home in your own vehicle, you are responsible for bringing in the appliance if service is needed within the warranty time frame.  A 3rd party technician may make a trip to service the appliance at the customer’s request, however a service fee and/or trip fee will be charged. You are also responsible for any damage or defect that may occur during the transport and installation of your appliance.

Delivery: If you request delivery, you are receiving delivery from a 3rd party vendor and not Appliance Wholesalers.  Appliance Wholesalers does not offer or warranty installation received from 3rd party vendors. Appliance Wholesalers is not responsible for any actions of this 3rd party, nor for any damage to appliance incurred by 3rd party during requested delivery.

Delivery Fee: Delivery Fees are paid directly to the 3rd party vendor and are for one trip only.  This fee is for delivery of the appliance only, additional fees may apply for request of installation or removal of old appliance.  If customer requests removal of old appliance, you understand that you waive ownership of this item as soon as you request it be removed. 

Limit of Liability: Appliance Wholesalers shall not be responsible for any damage caused by appliance failure including, but not limited to fire, flooding, personal injury, death, damage to personal or real property such as spoiled food, or any other liability whatsoever.  The following is specifically excluded from warranty coverage: misuse, abuse, improper transportation, installation or operation of the appliance, the modification of any appliance, or damage to the appliance due to the negligence of the customer.

Cords: Many of our brand new appliances do not come with a cord, and in most cases it is the customer’s responsibility to ensure they purchase the correct cord.  If your appliance comes with a cord, but the cord type is incorrect, it is your responsibility to purchase and connect the cord.  Neither Appliance Wholesalers nor any 3rd party vendors will change cord at your home.

Online order refunds: When placing an online order, if you are wanting to cancel for any reason, there is a 10% restock fee taken out of the refund.

Online Appliance Part returns/refunds- there is a 14 day window to contact and ask for a refund for any parts purchased. 10% restock fee will be taken out of the refund. After the 14 day window there are no refunds


For the purposes of this warranty, RK HOME ENTERPRISES, LLC will be known as Appliance Wholesalers. (DBA)
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